Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mixtapes Disney Style

Recently we took our car to a dealership to have it appraised for a possible trade. Being the Disnerds that we are, of course we have a Disney CD in our car. Just to feed your addiction, as well as my own, here are a few you will find on our mixtape.

This is an absolute staple! I can just imagine walking down Main Street USA and smelling the bakery, seeing the castle in the distance, all by the first few seconds of the song.

This isn't technically just a music video. I adore this family's way of preserving their vacation memories. Every time my son insists on listening to this song 285,343,532,091 times (in a row) I can't help but imagine the "hands" and "slow part" images from the video.

Lastly, you will find out why I mentioned the car dealership. Apparently there is a hidden DisNerd at this dealership because whomever it was listened to quite a bit of my mixtape. When we returned to our car, the cd was two songs later on this:

Other songs on our CD are "Tiki Room",  "Hawaiin Roller Coaster", "Mickey Mouse Club", "Just Around the River Bend" and most of the songs from "The Lion King". Do you have a favorite Disney CD or "mixtape" to listen to?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney World Mini-Golf Winter Summerland Review

Recently we crossed the "Halfway to Christmas" threshold. What better way to celebrate than to join Santa at Winter Summerland? 
 This is not the course we chose. We opted for the Winter course today which offered more traditional Christmas tunes to rock out with. Not that anyone rocked out. We mostly just sang badly. Very badly.

With three children, it's often a challenge to find something that we all enjoy. Mini Golfing at Walt Disney World is great because even though the course wasn't too challenging for even the youngest players, it was still challenging enough to ignite a little healthy competition in Mom and Dad. (Dad would have won if we had kept score, but don't tell him that). Eighteen holes chocked full of traditional mini golf fare with a little Disney flair thrown in makes for a perfect non-park day activity.

Everyone was treated to a nice peppermint candy cane upon finishing the course. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and we will most definitely return. 

Have you mini-golfed at Disney? Which course did you choose? Who is the better mini-golfer in your family?