Howdy Folks!

This is our quaint little shop where we sell our crafts. You never know what you will happen across. Currently offering vinyl decals and tees and totes

Coming soon! Embroidered and custom embroidered items. 

Let's get the sticky stuff out of the way first: 

We ship on twice a week. Please allow up to 7 business days from payment until shipment occurs.

Refunds and Exchanges
No refunds on custom orders. Exchanges will only be accepted on un-used vinyl minus shipping within 7 days

Not responsible for wall damage. Please do not apply to walls painted less than 30 days prior to application. Damage is rare, when applied and removed correctly.

Additional Policies and FAQs
So ya wanna know what this stuff is, eh?

Can ya reuse em? Nope, sorry! Our decals are a one time use type 'o thing!

Can ya make something special, just for me? Yep, we sure can!

How do you apply these newfangled things? Simple as pie! Follow our instructions included in your order! The gist? Figure out where you're putting your new addition, peel off that sticky tape, slowly lay down the decal from one corner/edge, scrape with a squeegee or that old plastic credit card you thought about shredding, then peel back the tape!

I hate it! How can I take it off? You can't hate it. It's not allowed. We will do our best to make sure you love it the moment you see it. If you still hate it, just gently peel it off. If it loves its home and just won't let go, steal your wife's hairdryer and heat it a bit. That'll do the trick. Then just peel.