Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

It's been oh so rainy here in Central Florida this week. Loud cracks from the sky followed by approximately 1/4th of the ocean dumping on your head in a matter of seconds followed by a just as abrupt halt to the crashing waves drenching you, yep, that pretty much describes my week.

When lovely weather like that visits us, you would think it would put a damper on our park visits. It's just the opposite! We love going in the rain! Rain, minus lightning that is.

We love to splash in puddles and run from one building to the next. The atmosphere in the parks is considerably more low key during the rain. That is, unless you're one of the couple thousand who decide to hid out in "The Land" or "The Emporium". In that case, cast members do a great job entertaining you with impromptu games and maybe even a few bad jokes. 

If you plan to visit during the rainy season, don't be afraid to get a little wet. Most attractions with outdoor queues will have considerably lower wait times, in most cases, as long as there is no lightning within a 10 mile radius. 

If you absolutely must wait out the rain, "The Land" or "The Living Seas with Nemo" at Epcot are great places to hang out. 

At the Magic Kingdom, you can always hop on the People Mover or Carousel of Progress in Tomorrow Land, visit the Emporium on Main Street for some shopping or head on over to Adventure Land where you can catch the Tiki Room or the Country Bears which are only a few steps away in Frontier Land. If you're at 

Animal Kingdom, however, finding refuge can be slightly harder. Festival of the Lion King and Nemo the Musical can both be a refuge from the drenching skies, but the queues are outdoors. Unless it's close to showtime, you're stuck waiting outside. 

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, it's slightly easier to find cover with the Streets of America, Great Movie Ride, Backlot Tour and the multitude of shows (if it's close to showtime). 

All in all, if it rains on your vacation, don't run for the hills. Embrace the rain, after all, it's Florida. You'll probably be drenched with sweat anyway. 

Where are your favorite places to hide from the rain? Which park do you believe is the best to visit in the rain? Which is the worst?   


  1. Keeping an eye on the radar this week we have planned our meals around some of the heaviest rain fall times. That way we are eating and watching the wandering madness of people in ponchos. I agree on the getting wet. If its sprinkling then don't let it bother you, becuase you could be sweating wet and that would be worse. Make the most of the time by doing something you need to do anyways. Shop for souveniers.

  2. People watching can be so fun! That's a great idea to plan your meals that way.