Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Great Goofini: The Perfect Coaster for Weenies

Meet Bean. She's a weenie. I mean this in the best sense. She doesn't like thrill rides. Her idea of a "thrill" ride is top speed on the TTA (The People Mover or WEDWay for anyone who can remember). 

She will ride Dinosaur. 
She will ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
She loves Mission Space (Green of course)
She adores Test Track. 

She will NOT ride Splash Mountain (willingly).
She will NOT ride Expedition Everest.
Rockin' Roller Coaster is out of the question.
Space Mountain has suddenly become terrifying.

It's fantastic that The Barnstormer is back in action. With Test Track and Big Thunder currently closed for refurbishment, a spin with the Great Goofini fills in the gap for the weenies. 

After all, it's a great 34 second ride. Unless it's a Monday

What are some rides that your weenies ride? What are some that they will not?  

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