Monday, May 14, 2012

Vacationing At Disney World: 2012 Edition -- Day One. What's that big Golf Ball Doing in the Flower Bed?

Vacationing At Disney World: 2012 Edition -- Day One. What's that big Golf Ball Doing in the Flower Bed?

 Arrive at 7am -- the room is ready! Kids are energetic! Mom and Dad are running on adrenaline!

 Super cool toilet flusher. I had to include it. I'm amazed by it.

 Project Commence Vacation Begins! 
Walking to the TTC and hopping on a Monorail is oh, so easy and convenient! We love that Golf Ball!

 So does Stitch. He's embarking on some (mis)adventures. He's on the highway in the sky, wreaking havoc, as always. 

 Poly ->TTC ->Golf Ball in less than half an hour. We're near the front of the line!

 Wait a second...what's that big golf ball doing in the flower bed? A festival? Hmmm... Sounds interesting! International Flower and Garden Festival 2012. We'll have to check out the topiaries. 

In case you haven't figured it out. We're at Epcot. You know... Experimental Prototype Community OTomorrow. Remember that. Someone may ask you. 

The "golf ball" is Spaceship Earth and a wonderful resource for Homeschooling Families like ours. 

 With just a spark... of inspiration...they'll run around, and release their frustration. Fun and laughter spreads around, Makes the downside seem up and turns frowns upside down. 
 I guess Stitch used his Imagination too much. 
 It's time to eat color! The absolute best thing about eating at the Electric Umbrella is crayons and coloring pages. They produce this expression.
And this one.

 It's time to mosey over to World Showcase. 
 Stitch really liked this topiary. Of course he did. Looks like this guy is causing as much trouble as 626. 
 Little man likes Princesses. He likes to inspect, pat, hug inappropriately and most of all, meet Princesses. Here he's checking for Aurora's legs. I'm not sure why. I'm positive he has a good reason though. 
 Gotta check out the assets. You know, the necklace she is wearing. 
And lastly, Bean, our middle daughter, loves purple. On our walk from the TTC back to the Poly after a long day, we saw these flowers. They're purple, so of course she asked me to take a picture. Because they're purple. And, as a tired and obliging mom, I did just that. You know, because they're purple. 

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